Mass streaming

Both cameras will be turned on ONLY during services. This is to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
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Parish Office location

The Parish Office is located in the Presbytery in North Square. The entrance is at the side of the building, adjacent to the bottle banks and e-car charger. Telephone: 087 348 0050. The office hours are Tuesday and Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m..

Restored Victorian mosaic

The beautiful Victorian mosaic discovered under the church floor during the renovations has been restored and is now displayed under a glass cover. Click here to see a photograph of it.

St. Michaels' Rededication DVD

A DVD is available of the Rededication Service. It costs €10, and is available from Sneem House, DJ O'Sullivan's, An Post and Christian's Mace. Orders may also be placed via +353873480050 (0873480050 in Ireland), or

St. Michael's Church renovation

churchSt. Michael's is designated as a listed building. i.e. A building of special architectural, historical or cultural significance. The challenge for the present generations of Sneem people, and friends, has been to bring the church up to 21st. century standards, whilst retaining its historical character.

Accordingly, the roof has been insulated and re-slated, underfloor insulation and a modern heating system have been installed, the floor has been renewed - uncovering a Victorian mosaic - and all the joints in the external walls have been raked out and re-pointed so as to eliminate the problem of dampness.

The lighting and sound systems are being upgraded, and wheelchair and vehicular access is being provided. Among many other improvements, a new spacious entrance has been created in the gable facing the village, which will greatly improve entering and exiting, and will be of particular assistance at funerals.

The former Nuns' Chapel, or “small church” as it was known, has been transformed into the Sacristy. In short, the church is now a more comfortable place for Mass-goers to come and pray in.

The total cost of the renovation is €1.2 million and, despite the recession, emigration and the decline in church attendance around the country, the local committee has reported that €700,000 had been raised by November, 2013. This is comprised of some savings that had been in the parish account, combined with the remarkable generosity of the local community, who have contributed well in excess of €1,000 a week over the last four years.

Raising the balance, which is being borrowed at a very attractive interest rate of 2%, is still a massive challenge for our parish, which has a total local population of only 800. Accordingly, we ask you, as one who was perhaps baptised and/or received some of the sacraments in St. Michael's, or who may be one of our many visitors who have strong ties with the historic village, to consider helping with the cost of renovating Sneem's most iconic buildings.

A special “Church Renovation” bank account has been opened in the Kenmare branch of the Bank of Ireland. Because of the size of our community we no longer have a bank based in Sneem. We sincerely hope that you may consider making a one-off contribution, or better still opt to make a regular small donation via standing order. (See below for the details of how to make a contribution.)

With a little help from you we too hope to be able to pass on to the future generations of Sneem folk, and visitors to Sneem alike, “a fitting place for divine worship”, just as Lord Dunraven did a century and half ago.

The church renovation project was the brainchild of our former PP, Fr. Pat Murphy, who unfortunately became ill in December, 2012. We are happy to report that he has made a very good recovery and, while presently living in Tralee, he is eagerly looking forward to the re-opening of St. Michael's.

Bank account details. The account number in the Kenmare branch of the Bank of Ireland is 26717448, and bank's sort code is 90-57-31. The IBAN is IE05BOFI90573126717448, and the BIC is BOFIIE2D. The bank's telephone number is 064 6641255, or +353 64 6641255 from outside Ireland. Alternatively, you can send a cheque, or donation, to Fr. Liam O'Brien, Parish Priest, The Presbytery, North Square, Sneem, County Kerry.


Renovation Gallery

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(Many were taken by Richard Walsh.)
And here is the restored and displayed Victorian mosaic in the church floor ...
The restored Victorian mosaic.



Sneem Community Car Park

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